Vintage Jukebox Repair
Vintage Car Radio Repair


I've been repairing radios since I was a teenager (back in the 50's). Through the years I have worked on a huge number of radios from the 20's through modern equipment.

My present emphasis is vintage radios, mostly from the 30's through the 50's, although I occasionally work on radios outside these boundaries.

A typical radio rebuild includes:

  • Replacing all electrolytic and paper capacitors.
  • Resistors and micas checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Testing and replacing weak or defective tubes.
  • Checking and replacing defective or suspicious resistors.
  • Making sure transformers, speaker, and other components will hold up under use.
  • Checking controls and dial mechanisms for proper operation.
  • Aligning and testing radio for sensitivity and sound quality.

for a couple of case histories, see my diary.

I'm located in Seattle, Washington.